The Imaginary Press Reading Series

The press is imaginary. The poets are real.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Sarah Fox lives in Northeast Minneapolis. She works as a doula and as a teacher of poetry and creative writing in schools and literarcy centers throughout Minnesota. her first book, Because Why, is published by Coffee House Press.

photo: Bill Waltz

John Colburn is originally from Mantorville, MN, and is an editor and co-publisher at Spout Press. His poetry chapbook, Kissing, was published by Fuori Editions in 2002. His poems have also appeared in such journals as Jubilat, Black Warrior Review, Spinning Jenny, Columbia Poetry Review, Forklift, OH., and Swerve. He works as a high school teacher at the Perpich Center for Arts Education.
(No photo of John yet. He's a surprise.)


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