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Monday, October 23, 2006

Last Friday's Event

I am a little late getting to this, but may I just make clear how amazing last Friday's reading by John Colburn and Sarah Fox was. I wish so earnestly that I had filmed the entire event, which they staged as a series of prepositionally phrased dialogues (on, under, around) salvia divinorum. They read their conversations, which included readings from the likes of Gaston Bachelard and Dale Pendell, and then finished with one lovely poem a piece.

I think no one was expecting this. And that's what made it so wonderful and what makes me so grateful to them.

See, in addition to giving a performance space to emerging poets who might grace the Twin Cities for periods of greater or lesser permanency, I have had this image of this reading series being a place for poets to stretch the boundaries of what a poetry reading "is". And Sarah and John did that so interestingly. I feel, in a way, that they did us all a service.


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