The Imaginary Press Reading Series

The press is imaginary. The poets are real.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

These are alpacas. I love alpacas. But what do alpacas have to do with the Imaginary Press Reading Series?

1. I loved Kelly, Kate, and Janet's reading more than alpacas. I believe every one of the audience members would have said they felt the same way if I had asked them. Though that's hardly fair...the poetry was really so soul crunchingly good, but alpacas are so cute.

2. My digital camera is dead. Though I knew it was dead even before the Healey/Ford reading (which was phenomenal and grossly underdocumented due to camera failure and my sloth), I still gave it one last go at the state fair, where it overheated and almost started a fire in my purse. This photo of the alpacas is the last to be coaxed from that machine. That's the real point here.

There are, I have heard, some few photos coming, and when they arrive I shall be prompt to post.

In the meantime, my gratitude goes out to the three lovely and outstanding poets for gracing the Imaginary Press stage.