The Imaginary Press Reading Series

The press is imaginary. The poets are real.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's Matt Hart:

Here's Sun Yung Shin:
Here's Karen Carcia:

reading for Imaginary Press last Saturday. It was a really beautiful night. We were so very lucky to have them read their beautiful words about Satan and Todd Rungren and small animals and birds.

Here are some friends and poets mingling around the salon, awaiting the event.
And here are some happy friends and poets savoring the event once it was done.

Do you know what? I have yet to post these photos of last spring's fantastic final reading, when Melanie Figg:

And Rauan Klassnik:

read for Imaginary Press. Was that in the days when the sun stayed up past 8:00pm, or was it their illumination? Hmmm.....


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