The Imaginary Press Reading Series

The press is imaginary. The poets are real.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Quiet Intensity Tour hits MPLS!!

Here's what a good portion of the nice audience looked like last night. According to Mathias Svalina, there is at least one double werewolf in this shot. I don't know what that means, either. Sort of.
Zachary Schomburg's reading made the whole audience reel.
Then Mathias Svalina set us straight with ghosts and unicorns. I mean LIKE ghosts and unicorns.
Joshua Marie Wilkinson dedicated his entire gorgeous reading to Phyllis Diller. No, he didn't.
Julie Doxsee sent us all reeling the other way. The whole night was like being at sea. Or on an episode of Star Trek when the Romulans attack. We huddled together. We were different after.
Phyllis and Tammy Faye. Our strange backdrops.
This baby knows good poetry when he hears it!
Can we get directions to Psycho Suzi's? Paula doesn't seem to actually live in this town.
Double success!!!

I am very grateful to all four poets for making the trek up to our town!