The Imaginary Press Reading Series

The press is imaginary. The poets are real.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On October 19th

We shall return to our regular Friday night slot at Opposable Thumbs, and joining us shall be Karen Carcia and James D'Agostino!!

Karen Carcia's poems have appeared in Conduit; Forklift, Ohio; Field;
Born magazine; Diagram; and elsewhere. She holds an MFA in creative
writing from Indiana University and a PhD in creative writing from
Western Michigan University. She currently teaches as professor of
English at Southeast Missouri State University.

James D'Agostino was born prematurely in Chicago, where he later received a B.A. from Loyola University. He took an M.F.A. from Indiana University, and is completing a Ph.D. at Western Michigan University. His poems have appeared in such magazines as TriQuarterly, Conduit, Forklift, Ohio, Green Mountains Review, ACM (Another Chicago Magazine), and Denver Quarterly. He currently lives in Missouri with his wife, the poet Karen Carcia.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

These are alpacas. I love alpacas. But what do alpacas have to do with the Imaginary Press Reading Series?

1. I loved Kelly, Kate, and Janet's reading more than alpacas. I believe every one of the audience members would have said they felt the same way if I had asked them. Though that's hardly fair...the poetry was really so soul crunchingly good, but alpacas are so cute.

2. My digital camera is dead. Though I knew it was dead even before the Healey/Ford reading (which was phenomenal and grossly underdocumented due to camera failure and my sloth), I still gave it one last go at the state fair, where it overheated and almost started a fire in my purse. This photo of the alpacas is the last to be coaxed from that machine. That's the real point here.

There are, I have heard, some few photos coming, and when they arrive I shall be prompt to post.

In the meantime, my gratitude goes out to the three lovely and outstanding poets for gracing the Imaginary Press stage.